#SoberFestUK 2021 Application Form

You may be asking yourself, exactly why do we need you to fill in an application form as well as photo ID? Well the reasons for this are two fold. Firstly and mostly importantly,  as every person who either buys a ticket or provides a service i.e. DJ’s etc, rightly expect every other person at the festival to be like them – sober. Should a person choose to spoil the festival for everyone else, then we can identify them and take appropriate measures. Secondly, by filling in the application form. You are giving us important information on how best to plan the festival in order to make it a success. For example if nobody wants to attend a workshop for say, addiction, then we know that it would be pointless putting it on. Alternatively, should the majority of ticket holders wish to attend yoga classes then we need to plan according.

Therefore we would kindly ask you to please download the application form below – choosing the format you prefer to use. Then, complete the application form in full, scan it, sign and date it and finally send it via email to Office@soberfestuk.com.

Please also be sure to also send a good quality copy of a legal photo ID document to the above email address.

Sober Fest 2021 Application Form in different formats.

 PDF Format – SoberFest May 29th-31st 2021 Application Form

Doc format. –  SoberFest May 29th-31st 2021 Application Form 

Word Editor For Windows 10 Format – SoberFest May 29th-31st 2021 Application Form