Sober Rave

Sober Rave

The Sober Rave

The Sober Rave or Conscious Clubbing Event is becoming increasingly popular as a real alternative for people who wish to experience highs of a substance free Sober Rave.  Emile says “Not every Sober Raver who attends a Sober Rave is in recovery from addiction or obsessed with health.  A lot of people come simply out of curiosity and just to see what it’s all about.”

What is a Sober Rave

A Sober Rave is all about partying sober. About being around people who share your outlook on what it is to be sober and have a great time in the process. Sober Raving has an amazing ability to bring all kinds of people from varied backgrounds together, with a common denominator – sobriety. A festival or party does not need to have any alcohol or drugs in order to be enjoyable. For Sober Ravers, gone are the days, being around drunk people who don’t respect your boundaries. At the Awaken Festival there are going to be other people both recovering from addiction or who chose sobriety as a life style choice. You will develop new friendships with people who understand that you are simply to have a great time – just like they are. For what ever your reason for being sober it is an important part of your life. You owe it to yourself to be around people that understand and fully understand that fact.

The Sober Rave And Addiction Recovery

The term Sober Rave or Sober Partying is no longer an oxymoron. Dave said ” I was stuck in my own head with all sorts of insecurities which resulted in alcohol and drug abuse. I really had to find out. Just how I could get the high when out partying and get past feeling really uncomfortable – just crawling in my own skin. Conscious Clubbing has helped me meet and be around like me and give me the sense of not being alone and one of a kind. Now, I go to Sober Raves and I don’t need to get drunk first so that I don’t feel insecure.” If partying around drunk people is too tempting or those people don’t respect your boundaries then it’s better to be around different people. A party does not need to have any alcohol or drugs in order to be fun. There are going to be other people recovering from addiction that will want to still have fun parties too. Partying with friends that understand what you’re going through tends to be more fun anyways. Being sober is an important part of your life and you should be around people that respect and understand that.

The Benefits of a Sober Rave For Sober Ravers in Recovery.

John a web designer says” it seems that all of the bad things that had happened in my life or all the bad decisions I’d made were down to alcohol and/or being drunk.” Disturbingly, research in 2010 from a National Survey on Drug Use and Health in the US found that 57 percent of new drug users were under the age of 18. It stated that young  people suffering from an addiction before the age of 18 tended to struggle more with staying sober. Stating the obviously, it said this was because between the ages of 18 to 22 young people tend to party more. Sober Raving can, in fact, be the best of all worlds  a good time, and one you can actually remember. You don’t have to apologize to anyone for anything from the previous night. No more taking days to recover from a hangover. Lastly and importantly, you at are not putting yourself at risk or anyone else in your path.

Official Recommendations Suggest a Change of Lifestyle For Those in Recovery.

One of the key recommendations for those in recovery is change your lifestyle. That advice is very well founded. Whilst it may be a generalization, but changing your lifestyle will mean giving up friends whose lives focused around drinking/drugs. Joe, an IT systems specialist puts it this way.  “In recovery means taking a totally new path and thee are no half measures. You can never have your old social back as this puts you in the situation you are in, in the first place. I have friends I grew up with whom I still see, but on my terms not theirs. I only ever meet up for lunch or call to see them during the day. When drink and drugs are not a problem for them. They do not understand addiction, even though many of them have dependency issues themselves.” So come on. If you are a recovering addict, don’t let your former besties – drugs and alcohol have any more influence over you.

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The Sober Rave as a Lifestyle.

Many Sober Ravers who attend Sober Raves. Do so, not simply because they do not like being surrounded by others who do use alcohol or drugs. But to have fun and make new friends. Amy says ““I love the fact that everyone’s sober around me, no more people spilling drinks on me. No more watching people falling around, or hitting somebody. It’s simply dancing and having a great time with like minded people. ”

To re-enforce this fact. Statistics were released 2015 by the adult drinking habits for the Office for National Statistics. They said that more than one in five adults (21%) did not drink alcohol at all. Increasingly more and more people are waking up to the fact that it’s possible to party without the need for alcohol or drugs.

Disillusioned Sober Ravers Are Turning to Conscious Clubbing Events.

Increasingly, disillusioned conscious clubbers are turning their backs on the need to take alcohol or drugs.  As a pre-requisite to having a great time.

The days of hitting a club in London or Ibiza after already having been warmed up by using some sort of substance are now all in the past.  In days gone by, a pre-party drug of choice. Would help induce a relaxed state of mind and help ensure that the club surroundings were a little more comfortable.

You are now ready to dance – using the term “ready” very loosely and feeling less inhibited and often – invincible.

Once in a less inhibited state. Many of us come out of our shells and allow ourselves to let go into the rhythm of the music. To be one with the whole vibe of dancing within a crowd. For many of us. Going out and having a few drinks, can often help us express ourselves through dance.

Increasing Numbers of People Are Turning Away From Substance Induced Partying.

However many people are now turning their backs on substance induced fun. Today, more and more party while sober which is often called a freeing sensation. Maddy says “plenty of alcohol was the order of the day before going out partying. Now days, I found what I have been looking for since I starting going to clubs. ” Unlike whilst under the influence. There are absolutely no restraints on what you can do when you party sober. Then there is the dreaded hangover. Waking up feeling ill the next day and not being able to function s a real downer. The hangovers get more intense the older you get – something not to look forward to.

A Clear Head After a Night Raving at a Sober Rave.

Then how many times have we said.  “I wish I had not said that” or feeling ashamed of your behaviour from the night before. Raving Sober together with everyone else means we all get to be storytellers. Not just the one or two sober people in the room. Who were simply the only sober people in the room. It is often the case that the majority. Can not  remember everything (or anything) that happened the night before. Every Sober Raver will tell you that there is no substitute. For being able to remember the wonderful memories of the night. So, a part from all the other benefits. Being sober gives you the advantage. That you live in the moment and create memories that you will never.

The Power of Music And a Sober Rave.

When we as humans hear music. It activates the pleasure and reward centers of the brain along with the cerebellum. The cerebellum is an area that controls motor function and coordination of the brain. This the reason why we can’t help tapping our foot or nodding our head when we hear a real catchy tune. Basically, as humans we are wired to dance. However, in many cultures and societies, we are dictated to by the norm as to when it is appropriate to do so. For many of us in the western world. Uncontrolled dancing makes us feel embarrassed. It is for this reason when ecstatic dance is mixed into Sober Raving. It sometimes appears a little strange to people looking in from the outside. For addiction, the idea of using exercise/dance as a constructive replacement for drug or alcohol cravings is nothing new. Interestingly, exercise releases the neurotransmitter dopamine into the brain. In the same way as drugs such as cocaine and heroin.


A sober rave can undoubtedly give a Sober Raver – the best of all worlds. A fantastic time along with a festival or event that one can actually remember the following day. Not having to apologise to another person the day after, for anything you did or said the night before is a blessing. Then of course not having to suffer from the dreaded hangover the next day (and sometimes the day after) is a real plus. Not with standing putting either yourself or someone in your path at risk of harm. I bet that if you carried out a poll and asked the following question “if you could party sober and have a better time than taking a substance prior or during the party – would you give up taking anything” I bet when all the positives are weighed up against the negatives, the overwhelming  consensus would be to “leading a sober lifestyle.”