Sober Fest For All

Sober Fest For All




Sober Fest For All


The sober fest will be a very unique and friendly festival, that may appeal to different groups of people, but will bring everyone together under the banner of “Sobriety” Here are a few of the groups of people who will benefit from the sober fest. :

1. Yogis and those interested in traditional yoga and meditation sessions.

2. People interested in ecstatic dance i.e. 5Rhythms dance.

3. The festival will appeal to the conscious clubbing crowd which includes DJ’s who are required to play a very inspirational and spiritual style of music.

4. Those in recovery and who feel the days of music festivals are gone forever. Please see here as it explains more eloquently.

5. People who simply do not want to have to put up with all the negative aspects of music festivals including, which are well documented.

6. Those who want to simply experience the spiritual side of the festival which may include mediums, healers, card readers etc.