Music Festival Ambassadors And Influencers Wanted


Music Festival Ambassadors And Influencers Wanted


This position is similar to many other Ambassador programs out there in structure apart from we feel the rewards are a far better – see for yourself.

Sell 10 tickets – Earn one free weekend ticket – PLUS £10 for every ticket you sell.
Sell 20 tickets – Earn two free weekend tickets. PLUS £10 for every ticket you sell.
Sell 30 tickets – Earn three free weekend tickets, free food * PLUS £10 for every ticket you sell.
Sell 40 tickets – Earn four weekend tickets, free food * £50 towards your travel expenses PLUS £10 for every ticket you sell.

Please Note: You shall be paid £10 per ticket whether reach the first tier or not. In the event of earning more than one ticket. Any additional tickets are not for resale and can only be used by family and friends.

As an ambassador of the Sober Fest 2020 you will be given your own personal code which is totally unique to you. This will allow us to track every sale that you make and at the same time allow you to offer a £10 discount on tickets to your family and friends. This discount will remain from early bird right up to full priced tickets as the price of the tickets increase.

The tickets are currently on sale to the public at an early bird discount. Obviously these prices can’t last and therefore now is time to sell the bulk of your tickets, whilst prices are at their lowest. The Eventbrite sales page is here

Importantly, our festival is unlike any other small festival out there as far as we know in that not only is it totally sober & meat free. The Sober Fest 2020 offers free yoga and ecstatic dance sessions, 5Rhythms plus more to be added. As a result of the festival being a totally sober space, any person who buys a ticket my agree to all the terms and conditions that are on our website Every person who attends the event will also be required to fill out an application form along with sending us a copy of a legal photo ID.

We want to provide all conscious clubbers, sober ravers and those in recovery the opportunity to experience a very special festival. To not have to suffer drunken and inappropriate (sexual or otherwise) behaviour. In addition, for many in recovery, the very thought of attending a music festival – sober can be a very daunting prospect and often the very reason why many can not attend a music festival. Please read this true story of one person’s experience in attending a festival – sober for the first time –

*£50 paid to you towards food during the event.

If the above sounds like you please contact us here