Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Our mission is two-fold.

Firstly and very importantly to us.  Is to give those in recovery a vehicle to mix with others in a large social setting.  Recovery, very often causes a sense of isolation and our festival changes all this.  No longer the only person at the event sober – everyone else is like and understands you.

Secondly, as the conscious clubbing and sober raving phenomenon is on the increase globally. We want we provide a platform.  A get together in the form of a festival. That will help nurture this new movement, by bringing together all people who wish to party sober.


Our long term is to bring the Sober Fest out into the wider community. We wish to give all conscious clubbers and those in recovery, an amazing experience to remember.  The Sober Fest 2020 aims to deliver an intimate and friendly festival that includes an eclectic mix of music, ecstatic dance, workshops and vegan/vegetarian food.





Respect (environment, human, tolerance, social conscience)


The festival’s main focus is “Sobriety” and having a great time with other like minded people. We want to build a community that can identify with each other through world music, ecstatic dance, spiritualism and vegan/vegetarian food. We want the event to be known for its warm and festive atmosphere.  We want to promote the human side of the festival with a sense of respect, sharing, special encounters and shared moments, between all in the great outdoors.


To afford all people the opportunity to attend a sober festival and experience what it feels like to be surrounded by people just like themselves, in a friendly festival atmosphere.

To produce a ground breaking sober based festival annually that will be festive, colourful and friendly.

To promote and introduce our guests to the wonders of ecstatic dance, spirituality and vegan/vegetarian food.

To contribute to bringing together an openness towards other cultures.

To put together a unifying event promoting synergy between all attendees and the various artists involved.

To facilitate integration and closer ties between the different local communities.

To strengthen the identity and sense of belonging of the attendees.

To encourage the discovery of new artists.